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Forward Mentoring Groups Girls

Ages 11-17 Weekly online-focused accountability group. The focus is on Godfidence knowing who you are in Christ is the key that opens a life of freedom to be whom you are created to be. 


Intentional Teen Living

Do you want your teen to a passionate about what they are called to do? This course helps teens to develop a plan for their future. It includes finding their purpose, core values, and skills to help them transition into their first job or preparing for college. 

Uplifted Youth

Youth-Servant Leadership


Giving back to the community is a key component for building leadership. This program works along with others to give opportunities to serve in the community.

Student Presentation

Public Speaking Leadership


Does your teen need confidence? This course focuses on coaching your teen to give presentations and develop leadership skills-based using on a variety of communication skills to help your teen grow into a leader!


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