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We Do Better Together, Calling all Christian Moms

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Most Christian moms would agree that we are facing many challenges these days. The culture is increasingly hostile to Christianity, and our families feel the effects. But despite all the difficulties we're facing, we can find encouragement from God's Word.

That is why Moving Forward Ministries launched the "BE GODfident Podcast/Broadcast. This broadcast consists of Christian moms throughout the United States coming together to chat about various topics to encourage, inspire and educate moms all over. Vonetta Carter, mother of eight from TN; Jess Lindsay, mother of four from TX; and April D. Metzler, mother of one Ok and founder Maggie Kavanaugh, mother of two, grandmother of five. There are other Be GODfident episodes on alternating weeks.

In these broadcasts, we'll explore some of the challenges Christian moms face today and how we can overcome them through faith in Jesus Christ. We'll also look at some of God's promises for us as mothers, grandmothers, and educators to equip the next generation.

So if you're feeling discouraged, be encouraged—God is with us every step of the way! Join us live on our Facebook, Youtube, and Creative Motion Network on Roku on the first and third Monday! You can also find us on all podcast platforms. We do better together, we don't claim to know all the answers, but we know who holds the stars in the sky and how to look to HIM and HIS word for truth.

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