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Purposeful Living (Tween to Adult -12 Weeks)

Does your child need direction? Focus and preparation start a trail to success! Having a biblical coach for life mapping is essential for tweens/teens preparing for the future. Helping your navigating teen prepare for life on purpose. They must find their core values, develop their mission statement, and cast a vision for their future for high school, college, or their first job. 

During this 12-week program we will cover: 

  • Goal-setting, Time budgeting, Mission/Vision Statement, 

  • Inner personal communication using Toastmasters materials

  • Basic interpersonal communication styles verbal, listening, written, and nonverbal. 

  • Objectives 

  • Inner Personal Communication

  • SMART Goals

  • Strength Finder

  • Personality assessment,

  • Discover Core value

  • Write a mission and vision for the future. 

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Leadership and Public Speaking (6 Sessions)

Having a public speaking coach can help you to overcome fear, gain confidence, and help you step out into the realm of effective communication. One on one coaching allows you the safe environment to develop and cultivate your craft of public speaking. Each week you will build on your skills with various exercises, practice speeches, including but not limited to writing your signature statement/speech, using graphics, visual aids, body language, and engaging your audience. We customize the course based on the specific need. ​

During these 6-sessions we will cover: 

  • Overcome fear of public speaking and build confidence.

  • Develop effective body action in speaking.

  • Develop the ability to arrange their ideas and their speech arrangement.

  • Develop the ability to learn vocal variety and various speech styles.

  • Develop the ability to evaluate speeches.​

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Rise Up (Tween to Adult - 6 Weeks)

Had your tween/teen been discouraged by circumstances? Do they need encouragement? Need a fresh start from some bad choices?  Having a support system and a life recovery coach can help them stay focused on moving forward, reducing the pressure to go back to old behaviors and patterns.  Accountability is the number one key in life that is productive and fulfilling. Taking action steps toward the new life while releasing the old life's shame requires staying focused spiritually on a new life in Christ. 

During this 6-week program we will cover: 

  • Set goals for future

  • Grow spiritually

  • Practical skill for coping

  • Overcoming shame and guilt of the past

CONTACT MAGGIE for more info!

Release, Reboot, Renew (Tween to Adult - 6 Weeks)

Have you ever wanted to let go of the past but feel stuck? Have you tried to start over but don't know how?  Do you know you want to set goals but don't know where to start? Do you have areas of your life you need to release? Fear, anger, unforgiveness? Do you want to create a new with a fresh vision? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the "Release, reboot, renew" coaching package is for you! Working with a coach for accountability is the key. 

If you don't see what you are looking for Maggie can customize a program to fit your family's needs. 


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What is GODfidence?



A: a feeling or consciousness of God's powers or of reliance on God’s promises. < I had perfect Godfidence in His ability to HEAL>

B: faith or belief that God will act in a right, proper, or effective way <I have Godfidence in the heavenly Father!>




The dictionary shows us that the word confidence means "faith or belief that one will act in a right, proper, or effective way." This definition explains the importance of having confidence and being a follower of Jesus Christ. The Bible speaks about how we need to confidently live out our lives, trusting in the Lord's plan for our lives. When we know who we are and whom we belong to, we can live a life of passion and purpose. 


Annual Godfidence Conference

Godfidence in Jan each year is an event to jump-start your tweens/teens with the new year with renewed focus and dedication to the Lord. It is a time to refuel and prepare for living their best life by adhering to the word in their world and helping carry the message of living in Christ! 


We define GODfidence as having confidence IN HIM, not just confidence in our own abilities. (Phil 3:4)

But when we submit our gifts, talents, and callings to HIM, that is fuel for the journey of life. We are saved by grace, but walking in truth, purity, and obedience is fertilizer for a fruitful life.  Apart from the Lord, we are nothing but with him, in him and through him, we can do all things through Christ. (John 15:5, Phil 4:13)

It has confidence that you can do what God calls you to do! It knows that God can do what you can't! 

Join us for a fun time of giveaways, dynamic worship as we prepare for the new year! Your teen will hear from young leaders and guest speakers on relevant topics with takeaways they can apply to everyday life. Topics include purity, obedience, overcoming fear, and identity to help your girl release last year's baggage, reboot a new year, and be renewed in their relationship with Christ. 

Who should go? Any tween/teen girl who wants to learn about God or go deeper in their faith. All mothers, sisters, aunts, grandma's, etc., there is something for all God's girls, regardless of age, but we want to impact the next generation. As women, we can impart the importance of purity and self-control in a "selfie" world to the younger generation. ​This event and the groups are designed to help your tween/teen to understand that Jesus knew the heaviness of the world pressure but kept focused on what The Father was doing and being about HIS business. 


Forward Girls Group (meeting 1st and 3rd Thursday at 7 PM CST) 

What is next? For those who want to continue on in a small group setting, this is all done online. Maggie, along with the mentors and coaches, meet twice a month with a focused topic to cover in a devotional format with a call to action or challenge. Each meeting has a devotional to go deeper into God's things and an accountability coaching format to take action with a challenge/ or assignment to grow in their spiritual walk. This is a supplement to your tween/teen youth group and should not replace it. ​


Topics include and are not limited to the following.

Identity, Peer Pressure, Stress anxiety, Social media, Purity, Relationships, friend/families, Boundaries, Choices, Attitude Power of obedience, Love languages, and more! 

For one on one coaching check out our coaching programs. 

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