Your Day Of Freedom

A one day workshop for women leaving the past behind and moving into your future. Many times people are held back by their past. Maggie inspires the audience to let go of past pains so they can embrace who God created them to be.

This day includes, but is not limited to overcoming fear, walking in forgiveness, renewing the mind, and letting go of guilt and shame. The Freedom workshop is designed to help ladies or youth overcome the negative life events so they can walk out their liberty in Christ.

Workshops are beneficial for new believers who struggle with who they have been and need to get rid of their baggage to walk out the life Christ died for on the cross. It is also for women called to ministry or leadership roles who want to make sure they have properly dealt with the past, so nothing holds them back in their ministry.

Because this is vital for both new believers and seasoned women this workshop is life transforming. Workshops can be presented live at a local church, and web-based modules both individual and group settings.

Passionate Living

Many people spend time like the Israelites did walking around in the desert wondering who am I? Why am I here? What am I suppose to do?

Discovering your call is designed to help you understand your God-given purpose by utilizing tools and finding purpose. Some of the topics covered are core values, spiritual gifts, natural skills, talents, personality types, temperament, and past experiences that make you who you are today.

During the workshop, you will experience both presentation and application of what is going to help you write you own mission and vision statement. By defining these, you can find your purpose and focus on the areas you are created to be both professionally and personally.

If you feel like you are in needing a change in your career, you want to be active in your ministry or you have lost passion and want it back – start here.


Maggie’s testimony is powerful due to her surrendered heart to the Lord. Various life circumstances has given her insight on how to help others, encourage, and provoke people to want to change.

Life does not just happen; one must recognize the need for change and take action.  Maggie shares the importance of intimacy with God, destroying destructive behaviors and walking in freedom. She is available to speak to both women’s groups and youth groups.