About Moving Forward Ministries

Moving Forward Ministries offers a variety of Bible-based services including individual counseling, family counseling, pre-marriage and marriage counseling, life coaching, training/teaching and public speaking. The unique relational approach is to help you strengthen every area of your life including spirit, soul, and body helping you move forward into a life of a renewed mind and peaceful life. Moving Forward Ministry is a 501C3 department through A.C.T. International. 



Mission Statement

Committed to helping others, overcome their past, to move forward into their future.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to connect people with Jesus Christ based on the scriptural principles. This will be done through counseling, coaching, training, and written material.


Our Story

Over the years, Maggie and Kevin both weathered many storms in life; however, now they walk in the redemption with an amazing story of God’s providential timing of love, mercy, and restoration.

Having overcome a destructive past in their younger years, the Lord has given Maggie and Kevin a heart to help people get to the next level in their life. Their passion is to assist others in recovering from past emotional pain and leading them to an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ.


Maggie Kavanaugh

Maggie, is an ordained minister, pastoral counselor, and co-founder of Moving Forward Ministries and executive director of Moving Forward Academy with her husband, Kevin. Maggie holds a Masters Degree from Grand Canyon University in Organizational Leadership, with a double minor in Psychology and Counseling.  Maggie is passionate about Jesus, family, and friends. She considers her personal mission is to inspire, encourage and lift people up in their daily walk, she considers love to be the great form of spiritual warfare.

Kevin Kavanaugh

Kevin Kavanaugh, co-founder Moving Forward Ministries with his wife, Maggie. He is the Spiritual Development and Adviser for Moving Forward Academy.  Being an avid student of the Word, Kevin is known for his life of devotion to prayer, supplication, and having traveled the majority of the United States Kevin has the insight of different people types and how much the world needs a loving Father.  Kevin loves Jesus, family, and animals. He considers his personal life goal is to go deeper in his relationship with the Lord daily and challenge others to fall in love and pursue the faithful Father.

Robin Rapp

Robin is our Director of Community Outreach. She attended Indiana University for a Business Administration degree. With over 20 years of experience in facilitating, training, leadership development and mentoring in both corporate and nonprofit arenas.  Robin has extensive community and volunteer work in both national and local organizations. Robin’s is a willing vessel to be used of God in the community. To provide youth with guidance and direction to realize their maximum potential in life, how to stay aware of destructive behaviors and develop positive habits which will help them grow into responsible adults.